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Steel Construction

Steel Solutions has expanded its original logistics and distribution operations to manage the entire complex chain of supply through to demand. ...Read More


SHRI VEDIKA Worldwide creating a sustainable future through building preservation, green architecture, and smart design....Read More

Project Consultation

We proudly working closely with the owner’s Project Controls Group, Project Auditors developed an evaluation program to address the owner’s objectives...Read More


Strategy Consulting

SHRI VEDIKA strategic planning services assist clients with strategy development.Our fact-based system is enhanced with advanced business analytics and active collaboration with your team

Strategic Planning

Our fact-based strategic planning service includes offsite client team working sessions as well as processing and documentation of complete strategic plans..


Our independent perspective and agility allow quick deployment of SHRI VEDIKA resources and provide clients the ability to use our teams as members of your team.


SHRI VEDIKA hardworking team of supervisors, engineers and construction managements professionals ensures that we deliver the highest level of quality for our clients


Superior client outcomes are delivered through a compelling combination of access, talent and science.Clients experience many benefits when partnering with SHRI VEDIKA for their research and intelligence

Benefits you realize:

Efficiently achieve short term operational goals and long-term growth initiatives through SHRI VEDIKA’s extended enterprise services and sales strategies

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SHRI VEDIKA's project management is of what makes a construction project flow. While it deals with the technical sides of budgeting and execution, it also requires a people component, where project managers have to work with the individual needs of the builders, stakeholders, and community.

SHRI VEDIKA's project management is the means to save money through a reduction of waste and an increase of efficiency. It is the strategy by which we avoid making tradeoffs in time, cost, and quality. In using a lean project management style, we focus on the process used to create our project as much as we focus on the end product itself

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Together we achieve that which no one can achieve alone

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“Teachers call it copying..we call it teamwork!”


JCB Construction

20 / 04 / 2016

JCB is the best machine out there for moving heavy construction management into the modern era for traditional heavy project planning.

Lean Construction

22 / 04 / 2016

Construction managers design the facility and the delivery process together—necessarily taking a top-down approach to evaluating and planning a project.

Builder Management

25 / 04 / 2016

Builder is SHRI VEDIKA's publication for residential construction for the latest insights on design, process, and running your own business

SHRI VEDIKA delivers world-class engineering and construction services. We are pioneers in the Indian infrastructure industry. Continuing our legacy of innovation , we achieve new milestone with every endeavour..

SHRI VEDIKA is responsible for landmark projects that have defined the country's progress. Surging ahead with presence in multiple sectors and involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating oppurtunities for everyone