Interior Design

There are so many benefits to living a life without walls, both the walls you put up between yourself and other people or the walls you put up between your living room and your kitchen. With open floor plans, it’s easy to feel like you have more space available and it gives you a lot more options for interior design.

Modern House Plan

t is quite tough to find great modern home plans on the internet. Those that are beautiful are often not functional. Those that are functional are seldom beautiful. And in the rare instance that a plan is beautiful, modern and functional, you find it to be super expensive.

Lakewood Estate

Precisely why you must consider shifting to LAKEWOOD ESTATE – A living filled with all the things money can’t buy. Plus all the lifestyle features it can come with. Lakewood Estate - A lifelong pleasure of celebration which is thoughtfully planned and designed to complement an amazing life & lifestyle by SHRI VEDIKA

Architectural Visualisation

The cool modular sofa is a focal point in this spacious, airy home. Cushions can slide any which way, creating plenty of space for lounging, napping, or just sitting if you want to be boring about it.

Provocative Designs

To meet the growing demand for contract interior work on projects such as offices, hotels, and public buildings, these businesses became much larger and more complex and employing builders

Outrageous Furnishings

Design is the expression of the envelope that surrounds you at work, at home, at play, everywhere. It’s creating an experience, an emotion, or a story of your surroundings; helping life’s functions to be pleasing to the senses while organizing you.


Strategy Consulting

SHRI VEDIKA strategic planning services assist clients with strategy development.Our fact-based system is enhanced with advanced business analytics and active collaboration with your team

Strategic Planning

Our fact-based strategic planning service includes offsite client team working sessions as well as processing and documentation of complete strategic plans..


Our independent perspective and agility allow quick deployment of SHRI VEDIKA resources and provide clients the ability to use our teams as members of your team.


SHRI VEDIKA hardworking team of supervisors, engineers and construction managements professionals ensures that we deliver the highest level of quality for our clients


Superior client outcomes are delivered through a compelling combination of access, talent and science.Clients experience many benefits when partnering with SHRI VEDIKA for their research and intelligence

Benefits you realize:

Efficiently achieve short term operational goals and long-term growth initiatives through SHRI VEDIKA’s extended enterprise services and sales strategies

Our Splendid Construction

SHRI VEDIKA delivers world-class engineering and construction services. We are pioneers in the Indian infrastructure industry. Continuing our legacy of innovation , we achieve new milestone with every endeavour..

SHRI VEDIKA is responsible for landmark projects that have defined the country's progress. Surging ahead with presence in multiple sectors and involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating oppurtunities for everyone